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Astrological Analysis
Astrological Analysis
Astrological Analysis

Astrological Analysis

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Choose An Astrological Reading

Get insight on the snapshot in the sky that is your birth/natal chart or get a reading to discover the compatibility between you and someone else.  

Begin with an understanding of how the planets in signs in houses are affecting you as as it relates to either self (Natal Chart Analysis), a loved one (Relationship Chart Analysis), or the next 3 months ahead (Transit Chart Analysis).


Understand the snapshot of the stars that became you. Your soul path, money style, relationships, (family, business, and love), career, health are included. Get a Natal Chart Analysis.


Are you and your partner compatible in the areas of soul connection, emotional styles, communication, romantic styles, sexual desires, and values? What challenges will you face? Is this a good match for marriage, friendship, business? Get a Relationship Chart Analysis.

TRANSIT CHART ANALYSIS (3 Months Ahead) 45 min Via Zoom:

Curious about the movement of the planets' affect on your current and future reality (up to 3 months)? Want to get details to help you navigate life's current circumstances?  Want to peek into the Universe's playbook as it relates to you? Get a Transit Chart Analysis.


Natal and Transit readings require your Birthdate and Time of Birth.

Relationship readings require you and your chosen individual's Birthdates and Times of Birth.  


After you make payment, schedule your analysis by contacting soulartistrobin@gmail.com for a link to our online scheduler.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that life happens, so we allow for cancellations /rescheduling under the following circumstances: Clients can only reschedule their chart analysis. No cancellations. Rescheduling must be done at least 48 hours in advance. 

Meet Robin - Astrologist:

Robin has 25+ years experience as an Astrologist.  Later she founded We Speak Astrology because Astrology is a language all its own, and once you learn to speak it, you may gain a better understanding of your life, yourself, and your relationships (both personal and business). 

Robin began studying Astrology at the age of 11 after attending an introductory class with Master Astrologist Garland Jaggers--a student of the Master Astrologist Jertha Love, an Astrologist for Ebony magazine. 

Robin was the featured Astrologist for BET.COM where over 300 clients per day contacted her.  She also offered advice to couples based on their astrological information as the "Love Talk " Astrologist for WPGC-FM in Washington, DC.

Currently Robin resides in Southern California and offers astrological services online via Zoom and other platforms.